Hvítlauks og sesam marenaður koli borinn fram með Búlgur salati og sesam agúrkum. 

Markaðshelgi Kvöldverður í Einarshúsi 4. júlí.

Bjarni Kristinn og Bryndís Elsa Guðjónsbörn leika yfir borðhaldi.

Matseðill: Forréttur: Sjávarréttasúpa með blönduðu sávarfangi borin fram með heimabökuðu brauði

Aðalréttur: Lambaprime með steiktu grænmeti , bakaðri kartöflu og rauðvínsgljáa.

Eftirréttur: Örnu skyr með hvítu súkkulaði og önfirskum bláberjum.

Borðapantanir í síma. 456-7901. Kvöldverður hefst kl. 20:00. Verð: 5200,-


Réttur dagsins, súpa og kaffi

spurðu þjóninn

2750 kr.


Súpa dagsins

kjúklingur, brauðteningar, rauðri papriku, salat og sósa

karry- og kókossúpa með blönduðu sjávarfangi


hvítlauksristað smælki og gulrótarmauk

kremað byggsalat með kryddjurtaolíu

Lamba"rillet" samloka
salat, rauðlaukssulta, heimagerð bbq sósa, ostur og sætkartöflufranskar

kjúklingur, brauðteningar, rauðri papriku, salat og sósa


Hvít súkkulaðiskyrmús
með bláberjum, hafra og kókosmulning

Kokos- súkkulaði kaka
með þeyttum rjóma


Einarshus was built in the year of 1902 by Pétur Oddsson but later on Einar Guðfinnsson moved into the house. They were the two of the greatest pioneers of the town and lived in this house most part of the last century and ruled their businesses from there. Pétur Oddsson lost most of his family from tuberculosis and followed 14 of his family members from the house, from the year 1907 until 1930. Einar Guðfinnsson moved into the house several years later and had a very good life with his family in the house. So the story of the house is divided in two seperate chapters.

The house has eight rooms, all renovated in the spirit of the time when the house was built. Six rooms are on the top floor and there is a photographic exhibition of old working people in Einarshus, there are also images of old houses in town. Two rooms are in the cellar, they are of the sailor style, and you can watch from the rooms through portholes as you were on a ship.

In the cellar  there is a lounge for guests. There is a photographic exhibition of boats and ships as well as onshore processing in Bolungarvík. There you can find the steering wheel of the French sailboat Pourqua Pas? and many other items related to seafaring of the past.

On the first floor of the house there is a restaurant which specializes in seafood dishes. The story of the house is often told to guests who visit Einarshus.

In the restaurant there was always a shop and it was possible to buy everything between heaven and earth.  From the kerosene pump on the wall, they sold oil used for oil lamps to light up human dwellings in the old days.

The Coal stove in the corner of the restaurant comes from the first meetinghouse in Bolungarvík and was used for heating but it was also a tradition to cook rice porridge on it which was eaten on dances held there in the old days.

The old cash register in the restaurant comes from the store of Matthias Bjarnason, a bookseller, and later a member of parliament.  Matthias ran a bookshop in Isafjordur for three decades.

When the house was being renovated a small baby shoe was found inside a wall, it was clear that the shoe had been placed inside the wall when the house was built. This is an imported shoe which could only be owned by the rich, Peter is said to have been one of the country's richest man at the time. Probably the shoe was placed there for good fortune for his kids, but his wish for good fortune was never fulfilled since most of his family died in the house.

On the top floor was the first bath in Bolungarvík with running water and here came all the higher level men in the village to take a bathe. The doctor came regularly and took a bath and he always made the same mistake, he always filled the bath before he went into it so that the water would run out on the floor and down to the floor below.  More often than not the maids had to prepare buckets on the floor below, once the water even ran into the housewives wardrobe. Never could the doctor be asked to let less water flow in the bath next time, because this was a respectable man who could not be upset. Therefore he continued, without any knowledge of the water flow downstairs every time he took a bath.

The house was falling a part when new owners took it over in the year 2004 and the house has been rebuilt in its previous form and the story of the former inhabitants is told to everyone who wants to hear.